Day 313: Aubrey’s Party at Roller City

Aubreys birthday party presents

Today, at last, we got to celebrate Aubrey’s birthday, by having fun at Roller City, the skating rink located at 2800 E 24th Street, in Joplin. I shared special thoughts about Aubrey, on her actual birthday, on Day 304. Today’s blog post highlights the festivities my family shared in as we gathered to eat cake with the birthday girl and watch her open presents. Most of the family was able to be there, and when we gather, we have fun! I’ll let the pictures tell the story today. And as a special treat, I’ll conclude with a video of the young men in the family competing during a skating race. We cheered them all on…and no one fell down!

Happy, happy birthday Aubrey! We all love you so much!

Aubreys birthday party Ethan  Aubreys birthday party Eric and London

Ethan                                          Eric and London

Aubreys birthday party cousins

Cousins…Aubrey, London and Kaleb

Aubreys birthday party Joey and Oliver  Aubreys birthay party Jon Ashley and Joey

Joey, Karleigh and Oliver                                       Jon, Joey, and Ashley

Aubreys birthday party guests

Elissa, Nate, Adriel, Charlotte and Jeff

   Aubreys birthday party guests 2  Aubreys birthday party Nate and Megan 2

          Debbie, Pat, Linda, Kaleb, London                     Nate and Megan

Aubreys birthday party cousins 2

Sturdy “walkers” to help the younger skaters stay on their feet!

Aubreys birthday party cake

Happy birthday, Aubrey!  With London and Karleigh

Aubreys birthday party helpers Aubreys birthday party birthday girl 3

Adriel and Tara                                                  London and Aubrey

Aubreys birthday party Rhett Aubreys birthday party Eiler

Rhett                                                                 Eiler

Aubreys birthday party opening presents Aubreys birthday party birthday girl 2

Opening presents

Aubreys birthday party spotlight

In the spotlight, with other kids celebrating today!

Aubreys birthday party sweet Aubrey

Getting so grown up.

A little fun competition!

About Cindy Moore

I live and work in the Joplin, MO, area. I am a blogger, writer, realtor and traveler, enjoying the journey through life and helping others along the way.
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