Day 361: Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

sugar lip scrub

Cold weather is here. And with those colder temps, and the dry conditions within my house due to the central heat, my skin and lips get drier. I frequently slather on lip balm during the winter months and wanted to come up with a DIY solution to combat the dryness. Tonight, for my first, I made my own brown sugar scrub for my lips.

This recipe was super easy to put together and best of all, I have these ingredients always on hand in my kitchen. I like making my own beauty products. It is a very satisfying form of self care, and I know what’s in the product.

Combine in a small bowl:

2 tablespoons brown sugar

1 tablespoon honey

2 drops of vanilla extract

Mix ingredients together, adding more honey if needed so that the brown sugar sticks together. Store in a small container with a lid or cover small bowl used for mixing with plastic wrap.

To use:

Dab small amount of sugar scrub onto lips. Briskly rub on lips, paying attention to any spots with dry skin. Leave mixture on for one minute then rinse off with warm water. Pat lips dry and add lip balm or moisturizer. Sugar scrub may be used once or twice a week.

This was such a simple recipe and I loved the results. My lips felt so smooth and soft after using. And, I couldn’t resist. I had to taste the scrub as it was on my lips. It tastes good too and of course it is non-toxic. My lips felt tingly for several minutes. I finished the process by coating my lips with the skin serum that I also make.

I look forward to using this great smelling scrub all winter to keep my lips exfoliated, smooth and healthy. When I run out, 5 minutes in the kitchen is all the time I’ll need to create another batch. Next, I’ll be creating my own lip balm!

sugar lip scrub ingredients


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1 Response to Day 361: Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

  1. Beachbums1 says:

    I definitely need to try this TODAY! The dry winter air is taking its toll on my skin/lips. Thanks for the tip.

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