Surrender 28: Recovering a Creative Life

I have completed the twelve week course as laid out in The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron. What an amazing journey it has been. I love that this book came to me at the perfect time, at the recommendation of Elizabeth Gilbert, whom I greatly respect and appreciate. All that I had been learning before I heard Liz speak, and my awakening creativity that was nudged into greater awareness by my return to writing, confirmed that now was the right time to take the artist’s journey. 


The foundational pieces of The Artist’s Way, the daily Morning Pages and the weekly Artist Dates, have become an important part of my routine and my journey. I’ve discovered that the flow of words, from my mind onto a blank page, creates an astounding flow of energy as well. It continues to amaze me what shows up in my Morning Pages. I’ve often begun writing with the words, “I’m not sure what to write about this morning…” and then proceeded to rapidly fill three pages with fluid script and even more fluid thoughts. 

And I joyfully anticipate the Artist Date every week. Sunday afternoons are set aside for this time spent with my inner, creative child. I’ve gone to movies, walked in nature, viewed art exhibits, created a variety of things, from blueberry scones to vignettes in vintage containers, and discovered a wonderfully artistic and creative series on Amazon Prime. I will continue both practices. 

Julia suggests again and again that art and imagination are best served by playing. She reminded me that my inner artist is a creative child. The liberation of my creativity has come by embracing that truth. I make sure that I am having fun as I create. I am made to express myself creatively, whether I am writing, gardening, coloring or rearranging my studio. If there is no joy in what I am doing then that is an indicator that I’m out of alignment with my playful inner artist. 


Some of the deepest work that I did during this course involved examining what holds me back in my creative life. I have released a great deal of fear during the last five years, only to discover pockets of it as I explored my desire to write. Fear creates blocks. And blocks clog the creative process, often stopping that flow of energy completely. I’m grateful for the opportunity to banish fear once again. 

I spent much time as well delving into my childhood and reconnecting with the quirky kid who grew up to be an independent woman who doesn’t mind being different. I’ve learned  from Little Cindy and I have new admiration and appreciation for her. I have ideas for ways to further explore the gifts she offers, that I’m excited to carry out. 


Trust has been another integral part of this journey. In the final chapter, Julia writes that while we may know the next right action to take, we don’t know what’s just around the bend. By trusting, I learn to trust more deeply. Trust is my companion this year, as I surrender to the flow of life…and the creative process. I can see the Divine at work in my life. This book so closely paralleled my own journey as last year concluded and 2016 beckoned. It has been the perfect accompaniment. I am delighted to discover that there are two more books in this series. After a brief break, I’ll begin in Walking in this World to continue along the creative path. 

Lastly, The Artist’s Way confirmed multiple time that Surrender was my word for 2016. I love the quote below, which I also found in the final chapter. I am surrendered. I am trusting. I am excited to see what’s around the river bend and content to thoroughly enjoy the journey now. I join Liz in highly recommending The Artist’s Way, to any who desire to discover more about his or her creative self. 


About Cindy Moore

I live and work in the Joplin, MO, area. I am a blogger, writer, realtor and traveler, enjoying the journey through life and helping others along the way.
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