Surrender 81: March Mad…Hatter

It’s been a long day. This late in the evening I’m in the middle of a real estate offer, as I also create my blog post. I chose to write a brief post, and have fun. March Madness is going on in the world of basketball. I decided to go more into the world of the Mad Hatter! 


While sorting through treasures in the Arkansas house today, I carefully wrapped up this unique vase, painted by Leta Moore. This porcelain head sports a colorful flowered hat. 

Which reminded me…

…I had previously come across a bright pink flowered hat in the closet. I have not been able to toss it yet. The former wearer of this work of art was most likely Leta’s mother. 


Which reminded me…

…earlier this year I stumbled upon a fun new tradition for this year…a black and white picture each month of me wearing a different hat.  I wore a stocking cap in January and a gardening hat in February. I suddenly knew what to do with the pink Easter-type hat. 

Which reminded me…

…of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, who is actually quite wise in his observations about the world. I can identify with his character and his witty remarks. And he appreciates tea time. 

Which reminds me…

…I’d like a cup of steaming hot tea, right now. And I still have work to do!



About Cindy Moore

I live and work in the Joplin, MO, area. I am a blogger, writer, realtor and traveler, enjoying the journey through life and helping others along the way.
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