In 2014, I was a woman with the intention to grow beyond my comfort zone and discover new things about my life and myself. Inspired by Lu Ann Cahn’s year of first things, as described in her book, “I Dare Me”, I adopted her idea and did one new thing every day. Some addressed my fears. Some were fun. Many pushed me beyond my comfort zone and into new areas of freedom from self imposed limitations and beliefs. It was an interesting and exciting year. You can access all 365 firsts by looking for the posts that are listed by Days, such as Day 16 or Day 224, or clicking on any of the months in the archive, January 2014 – December 2014.

In 2015, desiring to continue learning and growing and experiencing new things, I began a year of journeys. I discovered that the word “journey” comes from the Old French word “jornee” which literally means, “the distance that can be traveled in one day”. I took a daily journey, guided by curiosity, enchantment and soulfulness. Those posts are listed as Journeys, such as Journey 6 or Journey 52, or you can click on any month in the archives that has the year 2015.

This year, 2016, I am embarking on a Year of Surrender. With the river as my symbol, representing being in the flow,  I am releasing the need to control my life and allowing the Divine to guide me using signs, synchronicities and Life itself. Curiosity will accompany me this year as well, along with Trust. It promises to be an exciting year of being open to everything and attached to nothing, as I experience where God and Life will take me.

Cindy is open and ready to receive e


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