The Magic in Everything

I had an unexpected surprise today. I got to spend a couple of hours with my granddaughter Aubrey. I was missing her, and apparently she was missing me. And the Divine took care of bringing us together. 

This child…she makes me laugh and brings me great joy. I love her perspective on life and the world. We talked our way through a number of interesting topics in our brief time together. 

I learn from Aubrey, although she is unaware that she teaches me important lessons. Today I was reminded to enjoy the little things because they add up to a great day. 

Aubrey: This was the best day ever in second grade!

Me: Why? What happened today? 

Aubrey: We had popsicles and a kid had a birthday so there were lots of treats! 

I learned that distraction is useful if one is unsure of her reading skills. 

Me: How is the reading going with your assigned kindergartener?

Aubrey: I get nervous about it. If I’m not sure about a word I talk to her. I say “Hey, look at these pictures!”

I learned today that conversations can be sung. That it’s never too early to create birthday and Christmas wish lists. That the best day for a kid to eliminate sugar from his or her diet is the day after Halloween. That it’s important to leave a written thank you to the waitress along with a generous tip. 

I love the magic, the lightness of being, that shows up in my life whenever any of my grandchildren are present. They understand how magical life really is. It’s not only good for me to see the world with fresh eyes, it’s necessary. I am so grateful for Dayan, Jonathan, Joey, Oliver and Aubrey. They inspire me to look at everything differently. They love with all their hearts. I love them just as freely and completely in return. 

Chee Vai Tang wrote, “If we all could see the world through the eyes of a child, we would see the magic in everything.” 

I do see. It is magical. 


About Cindy Moore

I live and work in the Joplin, MO, area. I am a blogger, writer, realtor and traveler, enjoying the journey through life and helping others along the way.
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